Pages: 176
Illustrations: over 150 illustrations
Publication Date: 01 October 2009

Cardinal Newman's School

150 Years of the Oratory School, Reading

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book

This 150th anniversary book on Oratory School charts the colourful and compelling voyage of Cardinal Newman's venture, from the early days in Birmingham to the Thames Valley where the School flourishes today. As Newman stands on the edge of Beatification, England's first since the martyrdoms of the 16th century, Cardinal Newman's School gives insights into his thinking on education, pastoral care, and underscores his spiritual influence on the School's past and future.

Vividly illustrated throughout, the author, Tony Tinkel captures the fascinating story of The Oratory, including the development of the prep school, with a compelling narrative full of strong personalities, amusing reminiscences and memorable episodes charting how the School survived - sometimes in the face of adversity - and flourished to become the highly respected educational institution that it is today and the country's only all boys Catholic Senior School.

Cardinal Newman's School gives fascinating insights into the traditions, customs and achievements of a School that has a fine reputation for turning out leading military men, statesmen, lawyers, ambassadors, academics, churchmen, sportsmen and writers.

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Pages 176
Illustrations over 150 illustrations
Publication Date 1 Oct 2009