Pages: 144
Publication Date: 30 June 1990

Dare to be wise

A History of the Manchester Grammar School

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book
Manchester Grammar School's pre-eminence has throughout its history been coupled with a commitment to educate young men of promise regardless of the poverty or wealth of their fathers. This book tells the story of this institution and looks at how its outstanding success has been achieved. The school's development has been closely linked to changes in and around Manchester, so the background is provided by the city and its environs. The account also includes the sometimes turbulent relationships with both local and national governments over the past 475 years. The author considers the staff, boys and governors who have played their part in its history and focuses on the High Masters whose vision and determination have shaped the school. As well as presenting the reader with a picture of life at the MGS, the author covers the major educational debates of the period (including those of the present day). These encompass the development of the school's curriculum, which has undergone dramatic changes and today eschews narrow specialization.

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Pages 144
Publication Date 30 Jun 1990