Pages: 243
Illustrations: 300 Images
Publication Date: 15 September 2016

Fighting the World's Fights

Rhodes Scholars in Oxford and Beyond

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book

This richly illustrated book was written by multiple contributors from within the Rhodes community. It combines previously unpublished archive materials and images with specially commissioned photography.

The book follows three sections and spans both the past and the present, exploring the reach of the Rhodes Scholarship programme since 1903 and the impact Rhodes Scholars have had across the globe. The first section includes authored chapters on the history of the Rhodes Trust and Scholarships; the second focuses on Rhodes House and its gardens; and the third features a series of curated essays by Senior Scholars in which they look back on their time in Oxford, consider its impact on their future lives, and reflect on the vision of the Rhodes Trust in the modern world.

Additional Information

Pages 243
Illustrations 300 Images
Publication Date 15 Sep 2016