Pages: 192
Illustrations: Over 200 illustrations.
Publication Date: 30 September 2013
Words: 65000


The First 150 Years of a Cambridge College

About the book

Fitzwilliam has a history unlike the other colleges of Cambridge. There was no royal or noble founder, no endowment of cash or land - indeed there was not even the intention that there should be an institution with the recognisable characteristics of a college.
This illustrated hardback volume will provide a remarkable narrative of Fitzwilliam's development, from Hall to House and, triumphantly in 1966, to a full Cambridge College.
"The story is one of determined self-help, with officers, undergraduates and postgraduates seeking to build up a body worthy of its members. It is your story, and it continues to this day - the College is amongst the least endowed of the Cambridge colleges, but it maintains high ambitions for its place in the University and the world." Dr John Cleaver

Themes and topics:
Foreword: Dr David Starkey
False starts and successful beginnings: the admission of non-collegiate students to Cambridge
At Trumpington Street: Fitzwilliam Hall and Fitzwilliam House
Intermittent progress: up to, and including, World War II
The post-war world: the challenges of achieving Collegiate status in a new location
Architecture: from building site to complete College in a half-century
Developing the College: before and after the advent of co-residence
Fitzwilliam people: from every place and every walk of life
Fitzwilliam at play: sports, music and drama, societies and social life
The Fitzwilliam Society: a history of alumni
Edited by John Cleaver and Catharine Walston. Foreword by David Starkey

Additional Information

Pages 192
Illustrations Over 200 illustrations.
Publication Date 30 Sep 2013
Words 65000