Living Book

'The Living Book is a fresh, modern and innovative way of keeping in touch with our community, and we have a fabulous forum through which they can engage with both the school and each other.'

– Kerry Wilson, Director of Development, Rugby School

The Living Book is an interactive digital publishing platform that allows you to make valuable connections with your alumni using current news stories and the powerful resources often left untapped in archives.

Through the discussion forums and user submissions, you will quickly discover where the interests and needs of your community lie, allowing you to engage on the topics that matter to them and build your affinity with them. Living Book is a powerful trigger for reminiscence and a spur to support.  

Living Book shown on an iMac screen

 The Living Book offers:

                  • Unlimited capacity to deliver magazine-quality content to your community
                  • Straightforward functionality allowing management of content and the moderation of discussion threads
                  • Delivery of audio and video feeds
                  • Links to leading social networks
                  • Metrics analysis to help you understand your users’ interests and needs
                  • Full technical support and hosting
                  • Open access for general readers and password-protected access for participation in discussion threads

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The Living Book is a licensed digital product created by Third Millennium Publishing and RE-SYSTEMS in partnership with Rugby School.

For more information about The Living Book, please contact: 

Dr Joel Burden
Publishing Consultant
Third Millennium Publishing (an imprint of Profile Books Ltd)
3 Holford Yard
Bevin Way
London, WC1X 9HD
United Kingdom

M: +44 (0)7894 467070