Pages: 192
Publication Date: 01 December 2007

Repton to the End

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book

In 2007 Repton celebrated the 450th anniversary of its foundation by the executors of Sir John Port's will. It was a natural time in which to take stock of Repton's past, present and future. To this end a lavishly illustrated book, written by a distinguished collection of current and Old Reptonians under the editorship of John Plowright, has been published, providing a history of the school and tracing the often complex but always compelling story of the relationship between the school's students, staff, and society at large.

Much more than a history, Repton to the End recalls the experiences and memories of Reptonians during their time at the school - the highs, the lows, work and play, characters and personalities, the glimpses of the famous before they were famous, even scandals - forming an unmissable record.

''John Plowright states his determination not to produce a 'sanitised, self-congratulatory myth' and for the most part he has undoubtedly succeeded. Warts and all, past failures and successes are acknowledged.....The lasting impression this book gives, however, is that Repton is a vibrant place which has built successfully on a colourful and highly individual past and will, despite Plowright's reservations about the title, succeed in being Repton to the End.''

- Conference & Common Room Magazine

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Pages 192
Publication Date 1 Dec 2007