Pages: 160
Publication Date: 01 June 2010

Shakespeare's Church

A Parish for the World

About the book

A fascinating portrait of a typical English parish church that just happens to be world famous as the burial place of the world's most celebrated dramatist. The year 2010 marks the 800th anniversary of Holy Trinity's re-foundation, and through its story over eight centuries, we get a vivid sense of a rich cultural context in the medieval Midlands, and the turbulent centuries that followed, as the Church continued to serve its community.
The book will be a living portrait of the parish at work from past to present, set in the context of its connections with Shakespeare, the church of his time, and its broader history. The title A Parish for the World underlines its relevance to the entire international community of Shakespeare lovers, tens of thousands of whom visit the Church every year.
Edited by Val Horsler with an Introduction by Professor Jonathan Bate

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Pages 160
Publication Date 1 Jun 2010