Pages: 192
Publication Date: 01 December 2007

Swift and Bold

A Portrait of The Royal Green Jackets 1966 - 2007

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book

Swift and Bold describes the origins, characteristics and ethos of The Green Jackets culminating in their formation as The Royal Green Jackets in 1966. This richly illustrated hardback portrait records the evolution of the Regiment from its illustrious forebears, and documents the Green Jackets' approach to leadership. It takes a look inside the workings of the regimental system, including the part played by the Regimental HQ, the Royal Green Jackets Association, the Volunteers and the Cadets.

Written by insiders with first-hand knowledge of the Regiment, and containing more than 500 images, this is a unique milestone publication that every Rifleman, past, present and future, will want to own, whether to remember his time in The Royal Green Jackets or as a reminder of the exceptional heritage they represent.

'[A] glorious story...this is not so much a detailed history as a richly illustrated portrait.'

- Soldier Magazine

Edited by Andrew Pringle

Foreword by Field Marshall The Lord Bramall

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Pages 192
Publication Date 1 Dec 2007