Pages: 176
Illustrations: Up to 200 illustrations
Publication Date: 30 September 2013

The London Oratory School

A Celebration of 150 Years

Hardback(Showcase Edition only)
About the book

The London Oratory School celebrates 150 years in 2013. To mark the occasion this beautifully designed commemorative book has been commissioned.
The book will trace the history of the School from its early years as a school for the poor in the nineteenth century, into the twentieth century, tracing the impact of the war years, the experience of pupils in the fifties and sixties, on through times of educational and political change in the later twentieth century, bringing the story right up to date by celebrating the flourishing community that is the School today. Running right through the whole history is the enduring and vital link with the Oratory Church and the memories, experiences and achievements of the pupils and teachers whose story this is.
This lavishly illustrated book will be more than the history of the School. It will present a vivid portrait of life at The London Oratory School. All aspects of school life; the academic, the arts, sport, journeys, clubs and societies will feature in this celebration of an Oratory education.

Additional Information

Pages 176
Illustrations Up to 200 illustrations
Publication Date 30 Sep 2013